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Ammar Abulohom

Ammar Abulohom | CEO

Dar Al Aqar is built on deep experience

in Dubai's real estate market and the kind of breadth of knowledge that only comes from being here for a long time and being from here. Over the past decade the founders of Dar Al Aqar have worked with Every Major Developer in Dubai: we know the landscape and we can see the opportunities before their time.

We are a boutique real estate advisory firm with unparalleled access to key networks in the real estate market across both public and private sectors. We match opportunities to the individual investment strategy of each client, and as trusted advisors, we always think long term.

Dar Al Aqar offers a unique, personalized service and genuine market insight, so our clients make informed decisions that are ahead of market trends. We build relationships that last and add immeasurable value to what we do. After all, shared growth is what good business is all about.

We are a business that deals with everyone from individual investors and family offices to investment houses, agents and end-users. Knowing the DNA of our market is key, and it is something we pride ourselves on. We are established in spirit but modern in practice; we are an Emirati company, and we are global in our approach. In short, we are a true reflection of the values that have driven the meteoric growth of Dubai and the UAE.